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Reputation Management

Reputation management helps increase your brand’s visibility, equity and online reputation.
To remain profitable on-line you need to know and react to what your customers and competitors are saying about you.

We think reputation management, if kept checked, can seriously affect your profitability. Let us illustrate why it is important. In 2015, found that finding between one to three negative articles meant a loss in business from 22% with one negative article. This increased to 59% with three negative articles. For the b2b sector, Gartner’s Hank Barnes said that 70% of a b2b buyer’s purchase making decision are spent with gathering information both on and offline and networking. When clients visit your site, they will likely have a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses.

In traditional media reputation management gave brands the right message or response to clients, prospects, stakeholders and the press. Online reputation management drives traffic and search results by managing channels, portals or people directly or indirectly. We consult with clients if negative or brand damaging content may be removed from the web. If cannot be removed, we see if it can be removed from search engines. Finally, if it is unable to be removed, we consider reducing its visibility in results.

VIMA online reputation services include as social and influencer monitoring, online public relations, negative content filtering and/or removal and much more. Some of our specialist experience includes how companies can produce proactive and constructive positive messages to counteract the effect of “fake news” and even fake news created by your own brand.


Clients may choose our direct or indirect reputation management services we offer. We may negotiate directly to remove from at the source. Many brands are damaged by negative high-ranking results that violate the terms of use of that website or breaches copyright. We ask for them to be removed by the web administrator or via DMCA. One of our favourite indirect ways of managing reputation online is to leverage social media, key influencers and publishers to address an issue.

Effective Web Development Solutions

We can provide a reputation management audits or strategies that highlight and addresses opportunities, threats and risks posed to your product or services on and off-line and how to monetise your brand via reputation management. There are options for us to act as an outsourced department or as a pro-rata service.

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