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VIMA is an online marketing and creative content consultancy that helps new and established brands to think out of the box with new and innovative marketing approaches.


Before we set up VIMA, we worked with national and international entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs and excelled in digital marketing, IT and business consultancy. We had a knack for giving actionable advice, insightful consultancy and advice. A lot of people asked us – why don’t you start your own consultancy. So, we did in 2016, in the cool city of Barcelona.

We found that we got our kicks from increasing company’s, organisations and sole-trader’s; ROI, expansion, and business development. Sometimes we consult on decreasing business risk and exposure to making an unviable concept, viable. Along the way, we all have had a fair share of clearing up the business and marketing elephants in the room. Our team is plain speaking to each other and to you. We found that lip-service for cash does not work for us as we wanted, and value long-time relationships with our internal talent and clients.

There is a limit to the business insight you can get from second-hand sources like; blogs, books and formal training. Our team have Ph.Ds from the school of hard knocks. This has taught us what and what does not work in normal to the most unusual business situations. We know that when we consult clients the guidance is insightful, valuable, useful and actionable.

Transparency is central to how we work and it is what we value and excel at. Being on the same page is essential for our client relationships. We love sharing both how and what we did to reach our conclusions. That way our clients can maximise opportunities and avoid risk. We share our passion for transparency by training staff, clients and the public directly. We are quite proud of that.
Our talent has know-how and local knowledge to help clients reach, start or continue with multinational business. Our team has a mix of Europe and America’s dominant languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian speakers. What unites our team is a passion to customise marketing and consultancy per market and to make it successful. Their only fault and division is agreeing on the country that has the best food in Europe.

If clients do not have the talent, resource or know-how to achieve a goal, we step-in and act as an outsourced resource to cover specific marketing or business tasks. Solutions driven, we on with minimum supervision to contribute to projects quickly. Our most popular services include: SEO, content marketing and production, blogging, pay-per-click, social media, web creation, CMS development, online branding and reputation, inbound marketing, and graphic design.

Our expertise is not for every market. Typically, we prefer to consult clients in the following industries; education, travel, financial, real estate, hospitality and luxury sectors.

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We could say to be young and dynamic, that you may be surprised with special effects, we prefer to achieve the result and let the numbers speak for us.


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